baby prince being too cute for this world ◕‿◕

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when krisyeol play rock,paper, scissors feat oh sehun giving no fucks

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Jongdae doing gross things with his eyebrows.
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hyung-loving with sehun

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dancing machine chen strikes again!
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the many faces of kjm 

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kai sending his well wishes to aima nanjing showcase
requested by anony ♥

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75/ Yixing gifs: thank you Coordi Noona for giving him this outfit

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when chanyeol notices the camera
& look how broad his shoulders look omfg
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things luhan says in variety shows/interviews (part 2/?)

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9/ about Boa noona

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141018 / sm town in shanhai : 上瘾 (overdose) ─ XIUMIN's new part

⑴ oh, she wants me oh, she’s got me

⑵ why did i change so much / 怎么我变了很多

⑶ there’s no way to go back the space that you fill / 再也无法倒退 你填满的空间怎么

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