yes luhan, work those hips!
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(NEWS) Luhan cast in the movie "Back to 20", expected to start filming on May 20



EXO member Luhan will be taking on his first acting challenge.

Chinese media announced on the 23rd that Luhan has been cast in the movie “Back to 20” (“重返20歲”) and will be filming together with Gui Ya Lei, Yang Zishan, and Wilson Chen. Luhan’s agency, SM Entertainment, has…

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46 seconds of luhan & d.o. screaming

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Kris breaking the punching bag’s record!

oh… he didn’t cover the tattoo on his right arm with a band-aid that time

you know, kris may be the world’s biggest dweeb but I think underneath it all he’s got enough strength to be hella fuckin scary

he is literally enormous

but a gentle giant who only uses his strength for hugging and playing arcade games, what a nice canadian boy

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where’s your angel now?
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wonky Taozi thanking his fans

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sj + exo

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I think there’s a hole in Umin’s pants…

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kyungsoo’s heart shaped lips

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in exo-m’s overdose first performance, zitao was sick, in the beginning, he couldn’t dance hard, his moves were weak. until he made a little mistake (probably because of the sickness), then he started to dance harder despite being sick to redeem his mistake. thank you for being very professional huang zitao  ♥

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"I’m Bond, James Bond"

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sekai being the children they are ♡
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considerate jongdae

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